0g Lightweight Turnout Rug (EGTO-01)

0g Lightweight Turnout Rug (EGTO-01)

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Colour – Turquoise


  • 1200D outer
  • New velcro and clip chest fastenings
  • Liner Attachments 
  • Velcro fastenings for detachable 0g neck cover. The neck cover is included with this purchase.
  • Double locking neck cover straps
  • Fleece-lined wither pad
  • Soft, breathable nylon lining
  • Safety reflective strips on the front, side, and tail flap
  • Cross surcingles
  • Detachable leg straps
  • Dual purpose turnout rug – can be used inside and out
  • It comes inside a reusable zip-fastened storage bag

More Information 

All our turnout rugs have the same waterproof and breathable 1200denier outer, including this 0g rug. That being said, we only like to state our no fill turnout rug as showerproof as in long periods of heavy, constant rain, the rug has no filling to help the materials breathe, meaning condensation may build up, which may cause patches of dampness. Similar to an anorak coat! 

A fantastic 1200denier, no-fill turnout rug with a detachable neck that can be used with or without the detachable neck cover. The neck cover attaches with 2 double locking velcro pieces. This rug has liner attachments meaning our rug liners can be added to increase warmth throughout the seasons. It has reflective strips on the front, rear and tail flap. It has large shoulder gussets, cross surcingles, a tail flap and removable/elasticated leg straps. It is designed to sit higher on the neck/shoulders to prevent the rug from slipping back and rubbing; we have had fantastic feedback about this design. This rug also comes with a handy storage bag. This lightweight turnout rug with a detachable neck is a versatile addition to any horse’s wardrobe!

Horse Rug Size Guide Chart:

Rug Size Feet & Inches  Measurement  in Inches:  Measurement  in Cms: Back Measurement  in Cms (approx)  Horse Size
4’6’’ 54’’ 137cm 90cm 11.0hh – 11.2hh
4’9’’ 57’’ 145cm 95cm 11.2hh – 12.2hh
5’0’’ 60’’ 152cm 105cm 12.2hh – 13.2hh
5’3’’ 63’’ 160cm 110cm 13.2hh – 14.0hh
5’6’’ 66’’ 168cm 115cm 14.0hh – 14.2hh
5’9’’ 69’’ 175cm 125cm 14.2hh – 15.2hh
6’0’’ 72’’ 183cm 135cm 15.2hh – 16.0hh
6’3’’ 75’’ 191cm 140cm 16.0hh – 16.2hh
6’6’’ 78’’ 198cm 145cm 16.2hh – 16.3hh
6’9’’ 81’’ 206cm 155cm 16.3hh – 17.0hh
7’0’’ 84’’ 213cm 160cm 17.0hh – 17.2hh
7’3’’ 87’’ 221cm 165cm 17.2hh – 18.0hh
7’6’’ 90’’ 229cm 175cm 18.0hh


All measurements are approximate.